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The Body Clock 1st Choice EMS is simple to use for toning and building up muscles. This unit can use up to 4 pads enabling you to treat two areas at the same time. The Body Clock Profile EMS has 4 modes, it is perfect for refining individual muscles as well as muscle groups.

Please consult your medical advisor for the best results.

EMS is the process of passing electrical pulses in various forms through the skin, to the underlying nerves and muscles via electrodes placed on the body. This stimulates the muscles to contract, and can be used for cosmetic, muscle strengthening or treatment purposes.

EMS units create muscle contractions by activating the nerves and muscles by means of low frequency electrical currents, which in turn passively tone and strengthen individual muscles. A program of active muscle strengthening through exercise and tension exercises also enhances the effects of EMS.

Supplied with: An Easy Guide to EMS by Dr Gordon Gadsby (worth £5.99), 1 Pack of 4 50x50mm electrodes, Instructions, 2 leadwires , 1 PP3 battery and carrying pouch.

Technical Data: Pulse rate adjustment: 1-80Hz Adjustable Intensity adjustment: 0-50mA (500 ohms load) Pulse Width: 400 micro seconds Modes: Cycle, Contraction Reciprocal, Constant. Cycle: Output turns On and Off simultaneously on both channels. On time and Off time are adjustable for 1-30 seconds. On time and Off time are always equal. Contraction: Output repeatedly ramps up and down (pulse with modulation) over a period of 6 seconds. Reciprocal: Output alternates from one channel to the other. The On and Off times are adjustable from 1-30 seconds. The On and Off times are always equal. Constant: Constant output is achieved by setting the Timer dial to "0" during Cycle, contraction or reciprocal modes. Waveform: Biphasic symmetrical rectangular Power Source: 9v PP3 Battery Weight: 100 gms Size: 10cm x 6.5cm x 2.1cm (3 7/8" x 2 1/2" x 3/4") Output Jack: Touchproof Attached Belt Clip.

Contraindications: TENS/EMS units must not be used by patients using a demand type pacemaker. Pregnant women and patients who have any heart disease should seek medical advice before using TENS/EMS. Never use TENS/EMS to mask undiagnosed pain as this could require urgent treatment. TENS/EMS should NOT be used when driving or operating machinery. Supplied with English instructions only.

1st Choice EMS X8QP4BZJT

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