What Teachers Say


“Lorraine and her team are extremely passionate with what they expertly do – and this passion and enthusiasm fuel the children’s learning as they participate in a variety of stimulating and hands-on activities.

Children leave the sessions buzzing, with a genuine desire to extend their learning and explore the science of nature around them. For many children, it is their only real opportunity to explore the woodland and understand the true diversity of nature.

Furthermore, the sessions also provide information, useful ideas and approaches to exploring nature for teachers to take away and adapt for work within the school grounds or local area.

A highly recommended learning experience for Key Stage 2 pupils”.

Stuart Spendlow, KS2 Teacher Grimoldsby Primary School, Lincolnshire.

Feedback from teachers on INSET course

“An absolutely wonderful day! I am amazed at the variety of things you do and the amount of activities you do in a day. The Tree Trail walk helped to break up the hike up the hill. I see no point in us going to our normal destination of Malvern if we have the iron age hillfort and woodland on our doorstep, and we can walk here”.

Teacher from St Mary’s Primary Credenhill, Herefordshire

The following is all feedback from schools in Lincolnshire:

“We had an action and fun packed afternoon. We loved going in the bushes for our camouflage activity enjoyed all of it”.- Mrs Julie Reed Mrs Mary Kings Primary School

“Good level, the Bogels and Boggarts were a real hit with the pupils. We need more time here. The activities were pitched at the right level. The pace and variety was good”.- Mrs Lawson of Binbrook School:

“Brilliant activities, really good and engaging. Nice mix of talking and practical. If my pupils do too much practical they can get hyper”.- Mrs Brown Caistor Primary

“The pace was brilliant. The activities were absolutely fantastic. The fact that there have been lots for the pupils to do has kept them engaged. And I have learnt a lot about trees as well. The Puppet show was fantastic. My pupils don’t like to sit and do one thing, so the variety was great”. Mr Edwards:

“ I think the main thing for our pupils is to keep them engaged. So they have been engaged every single moment. The Puppet Show was just about right.

The Apothecary trail was great”.- Helen West

Feedback from Welsh Schools:

Paul Manship of Millbrook Primary reported one of his pupils said:
“This is the best day we have ever had” and another pupil said in response: “Yeah, you’ll not beat this!”.

“Really enjoyed it (day in the forest). Definitely enjoyed exploring very much in their element.
Wish we had come for lunch. Lovely day, very enjoyable.- Miss Griffith of Trellech Primary

“Today has been a chance to be creative and expressive as they don’t get that in class.
Those who don’t shine in the classroom, shine here. The practical problem solvers shine here and work as a team, as they have to work co operatively. We really enjoyed the range of activities – good choice”. – Headteacher Ann Orphan

We did not catch the names of these teachers:

“My class have learning difficulties with attention difficulties but the staff were superb and spoke at the right level”.

“Extremely well organised so there was no waiting around between activities. Children were engaged throughout”.

“Each child was able to participate even if it was on a simple level and by working with a partner it gave some the confidence to try new/different things. They were also thrilled to find that ALL their answers were accepted, as often there was no one right answer”.

“ As a staff we were more than impressed with the delivery of the activity; and amazed about how well the leader learnt individual names! The pitch was just right for the ability level and concentration / focus of our pupils. Being a practical activity they were focused throughout but also the relevance to class learning was made full use of”.

“ Felt it was all very appropriate and supported Science done at school as well as an introduction to the new activity of tree planting”.

“Organisers made the learning experience fun and had a lovely manner with the children. Transitions between activities were smooth”.